We need each other to think, learn and improve.

We who do this blogg have a profound interest in what the factors are that make man succeed under various and adverse conditions. This blog is an attempt to communicate and reach out to people with similar interests and hopefully facilitate mutual learning and development.

Whether one want it or not we all are biased by our preconception of the world around us. In the same way as this function is essential for us to be able to generalize and make sense of life it also makes it hard to think in new creative pattern. We want this blog to be a place for new ideas to grow and be challenged. It is therefore of crucial importance that you participate and speak your mind. We therefore would like to ask you to give your comments and contribute by participating no matter how. Any comment or post is most welcome and, as a matter of fact, is essential for the reciprocity that learning needs.

The focus is the success factors of man. The context is sharp end users or operators in systems as Search And Rescue and Military operation often with a maritime perspective.  The reason to this is that we all started out as sharp end operators in different SAR and military branches and have now moved on to look at the problems we earlier encountered live, from a more scientific point of view. To possess domain expertise can be of tremendous help but also provide you with colored glasses that might trick you when it comes to differ between fact and experience. Nevertheless, if used with thought we believe it is an asset.

This is why it is important to try to let the thoughts run free, so that we can cover new ground and hopefully gain new knowledge through interaction with each other.

Kind regards

/Fredrik Forsman


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